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Larsen Liverpool Architecture Competition

We are a small start-up design company based in Liverpool and are currently involved in projects surrounding architectural design, photography and illustration.

We have created a series of sustainability-led projects that focus on real world topics, and we are using these competitions and our social media to create a platform that elevates and promotes the work of students and young professionals.

These concept-driven projects will create design opportunities that combine architecture and the natural environment to offer potential solutions to current global issues.

Our first competition, launched in 2021, has been a great success so far. An insight into the creative minds of current and future designers, this is almost a research project for us that has inspired and informed our next projects.


Larsen Liverpool Sustainable Architecture

We are an environmentally conscious company and use our position to promote environmentally conscious design. Our work is powered by 100% green, renewable electricity and we focus on minimising waste, using sustainably sourced materials and have an environmentally friendly approach to packaging.


We use only sustainable and cruelty free cleaning products and provide earth friendly, cruelty free employee gifts because we believe every little helps!


Our international projects are 100% digital, reducing the need for paper and packaging, and with forward thinking, we try to expand and push students’ understanding of sustainable design in every area of our work.

A tree is planted for each purchase made with us and 100 trees are planted for each winning competition entry.

We make efforts to offset our carbon footprint by planting extra trees (via our partners) and are continuously striving towards a carbon positive future.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

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one tree for every purchase...

going digital

Our international work is entirely digital and we encourage other architects to waste less paper and consider their resources. Our digital work is powered by 100% renewable electricity and we plant trees to offset the carbon impact of our customers.

supporting small and local businesses

When we select a site, we consider how our work can have a positive impact by increasing awareness of these incredible places to attract tourism and help the local businesses that surround the area, following the difficult times that we have all faced over the past year.


We also partner with and buy from small businesses where we can.

carbon neutral website

Not only do our systems run on 100% renewable electricity, but we ensure that enough trees are planted to offset any carbon that is produced by our website hosts.

carbon offsetting

For every purchase that is made on our website, we ensure that one tree is planted to offset the carbon they use when working with us.

earth friendly products

We use sustainable packaging from small business and use environmentally conscious, sustainable and ethical products in our studios.

We have partnered with Tree-Nation, Ecologi and Treeapp to plant trees on our and your behalf. 

let's work together

We are always looking for collaborators and sponsors to support our cause. Get in touch if you would like to work with us.

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