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our vision

We are a small design company based in Liverpool and working internationally.

Our purpose is to rethink and challenge the future of architecture, its quality, innovation and its impact on our planet.

We have created a series of sustainability-led projects that focus on real world topics, and we are using these competitions and our digital presence to create a platform to promote the work of students and young designers.

We do this by pushing the limits of their creativity, developing their portfolios and providing opportunities for discussion and feedback on their designs.

Our first competition, launched in 2021, has been a great success - an insight into the creative minds of current and future designers, this was almost a research project for us that has inspired and informed our next projects.

Complimentary services include self care, lifestyle and home items, perfect for on-the-go designers, and digital and physical artwork, a must-have addition to any creative, work or home spaces.


We follow and demonstrate the latest styles and trends in design and architecture from around the world and strive for excellence in sustainability, quality of design and support for our designers.

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