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designing a sustainable future

781 trees planted. 26.23 tonnes of CO2 offset


We are an environmentally conscious company and use our position to promote environmentally conscious design. Our work is powered by 100% green, renewable electricity and we focus on minimising waste, using sustainably sourced materials and have an environmentally friendly approach to packaging where possible.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle


wildlife & nature conservation

GO GREEN by contributing to a conservation and/or protection organisation. Plant a forest, save endangered wildlife & more


designing a sustainable future

our international competitions look at sustainable design in architecture and tackle real world issues 

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our sustainability efforts

take a look at what we do to help our plant and work towards a sustainable future

the LIFE institution

We have partnered with The LIFE Institution to fund our fantastic, sustainability and conservation driven projects.


We are dedicated to improving the design and quality of tomorrow's architecture, by educating our future designers and providing unique opportunities for them to learn, grow and develop.

Working alongside The LIFE Institution helps us to achieve this goal and means that our competitions, workshops, products and educational blog are all working towards a better and more sustainable future.



Our GO GREEN initiative allows you to contribute to a number of wildlife and nature conservation organisations or to offset your carbon footprint by planting trees across key global reforestation projects.

100% of your contribution goes towards vital sustainability and conservation efforts, including our work with students and young designers on sustainable projects and the future of architecture.

Find out how many trees you need - measure your impact with the World Wide Fund for Nature's environmental footprint calculator.



Support us in our mission to build a sustainable future

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going digital


Our international work is entirely digital and is powered by 100% renewable electricity. We also we ensure that trees are planted to offset any carbon that is produced by our website.

Carbon offsetting


We see to it that one tree is planted for every purchase on our website and 100 trees are planted for each competition winner. Wherever possible we offset any flights that we take to carry out our international work.

Earth friendly products

We use environmentally conscious, sustainable and ethical products in our studio and favour companies that consider the environmental impact of their packaging.

supporting small and local businesses

When we select a site, we consider how our work can have a positive impact by increasing awareness of these incredible places to attract tourism and help the local businesses that surround the area, following the difficult times that we have all faced over the past two years.