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Thesis & Architecture Projects

Our architectural projects listed below are designed to help you with your architecture thesis.

We will provide you with the resources necessary to kickstart your creative process. 

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All thesis projects include


All necessary 2D or 3D topography files.

Site Analysis

General site analysis in the shape of a report.


A gallery of professional site photography

Adapt one of our international design projects for your University Module or Thesis!

Our Projects offer an incredible platform to showcase your talents and ideas to a global audience, providing valuable exposure and recognition within the industry.

These projects, along with our tailored resources and services are designed to expose you to diverse perspectives and approaches from international participants, promoting cross-cultural learning and expanding your horizons. Additionally, the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from our team's professional, industry leaders can significantly enhance the development of your thesis, offering valuable insights and mentorship along the way.

Available Projects & Site Analyses

These are not live competitions but projects that are available for students and professionals.

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